Car Seats For Dogs

Car Seats For DogsTips for taking man’s best friend along for the ride in a car seats for dogs

Ever had to keep your faithful companion home because you knew he didn’t fare well in cars?

You can absolutely bring him along for family outings, as long as certain aspects of transportation are considered.

The first concern relates to safety; as many safety precautions should be taken on any pet as are taken on other occupants of the vehicle.

The Traffic Code provides fines for drivers who are moving with pets that are placed either in the back or side of the car, as well as on or between the driver’s legs.

Experts say the best option is to transport the pet in the vehicle’s trunk, which must be separated from the backseat by bars specified for this role.

This is an accessory that, besides offering protective padding, prevents the projection of the dog to the front in case of sudden braking.

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If this option is not feasible, there are others that are equally secure: automotive seating fit for animals, aimed at small and medium-sized dogs and adaptable to most cars, can be used by relocating you’re dog’s collar to its chest.

As a bonus, this type of seating also protects against dirt. Another option is the transport boxes, which are more suitable for travel. When using this option, the driver must make sure the dog has enough room to stand and roll around. Finally, there are special seat belts for dogs that fit the locks of the seat belt and prevent the animal from getting loose.

The main problems of letting a dog loose in the car relate to security. In the case of a collision and/or injury, the animal’s body can cause injury to other occupants of the car, especially when you’re dealing with a scared and shocked animal.

Even at low speeds, this situation’s severity can rise due to an our of control animal.

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Another possible problem can be caused when a dog somehow escapes the confines of the car. By doing so, he can get lost, run over, or even fight with other dogs and begin to bite. Regardless of these possibilities, a loose dog in the car causes the most damage to the driver by becoming a viable distraction.

It is also important to stow away a certificate of your pet’s health, signed by a registered veterinary surgeon, as well as a copy of the pet’s latest vaccination records. The Animal Transit Guide is no longer mandatory for dogs and cats.

Fear, heat, and motion sickness are usually the main symptoms of a dog in the car, especially when the car is in motion.

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To alleviate some post-car ride anxiety, try leaving the windows in the car open or blast some air-conditioning, without forgetting to give your pet water and the appropriate potty break (away from moving traffic). If you have a dog that is not particular to car rides, you must accustom him gradually, while keeping a positive atmosphere.

Dogs should receive positive reinforcement for good behavior in cars, and should not be punished for sicknesses during long trips (humans can’t help it either!). Owners should train their dogs not to bark at whoever appears on the other side of the glass, and to also remain calm throughout the entire experience. Take it easy on your pets! To them, a car is the equivalent to a roller coaster!

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